June 2010

Aishwarya wanted to talk about something that she believed was keeping her away from her studies. She walked up to me yesterday and asked me if I could help her sort out the problem. I sat down with her and listened to what she had to say. Aishwarya told me that she has 7 family members staying in a 1 BHK house and while her younger sister puts the TV on loud volume in the hall and her grand parents talk to each other in the bedroom, she also hears her neighbor shouting at some one or the other every now and then. She, therefore, found it very difficult to concentrate because on TV she could hear her most favourite program that she was missing out on when she was studying and back in the bedroom she struggled to get her grandparents and the voice from the neighbor’s to leave her in peace.

I recollected an incidence from my personal life and shared that with her. When I was appearing from my Grade-10 final exams my father used to watch TV in the same room where i used to study and even on numerous requests he never ever did switch off the TV. My father always said that it was my CHOICE to concentrate and achieve my goal and if  I wanted my goal bad-enough I would any way concentrate.  Well ever since then I have been able to study in environments that pose the biggest challenge to a human brain’s ability to concentrate.

I told her that she couldn’t control the world around her always but what she could actually do is to control herself and make it a point that she delivers amidst all the distractions. I hope my student does conquer her self and that would be an important victory for me as a teacher.


On 23rd June 2010, I gave a welcome speech at the Dastur School in Pune to mark the beginning of Teach For India’s association with Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. The Speech is given below –

Fabulous air show of Paris in motion

My thought too in flight and yearns for my Nation

When will the planes designed in my land

Pierce the sky as lightening in action

And gracefully land as angels in full boom

All to the envy of spellbound spectators

Yes we can !!

When we are united in action and addicted to deeds

Sky can’t be limit for my nation in action !!

Those were the words from a poem written by someone very special we have with us today.

Amongst other honors received by him, He became the first Asian to be bestowed the Hoover Medal, America’s top engineering prize, for his outstanding contribution to public service.

A pre-eminent scientist, a gifted engineer, and a true visionary, he is also a humble humanitarian in every sense of the word.

Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,

We are privileged to have with us today an eminent scientist and the former-president of our country, who has exemplified this spirit of “action-for-our-nation” throughout his life.

On behalf of Teach for India, please join me in welcoming Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam to our movement.

Dear Sir,

We are honored to have you with us today to inspire the TEACH FOR INDIA team, AKANKSHA, our supporters and media persons to ignite our minds.

Thank you.

This event was covered by DNA, TOI, Lokmat, Sakal and Radio Mirchi. I am attaching the newspaper clipping (from 24th June 2010’s Sakal and TOI) for the event over here.